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Chapter 3.

Mamas Mean Greens!  Who's tired of leftovers yet?   One thing our house still can't get enough of is GREENS!!! A labor of love that's worth it in the end! A Holiday is not a Holiday if you aren't stuffing your face with a fork full of ya mamas, grannies, daddies, or aunties greens! Greens have been a staple within the black community for a very long time. There are numerous ways they are made and countless secret ingredients! I'm going to let you all in on a little secret....... visit: for her secret ingredient.  And be on the look out for a new coming season tailored specifically for greens. We've got ya covered!   Our Holy Trio covers almost all the bases for tasty greens:...

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Chapter 2.

YAMS!! Dessert before dessert Yams have always been for me like eating dessert and dinner at the same time. I have never had a potatoes so filled with love until I met yams! My mother made THE best cannied yams and luckily she told me her secret ingredient...... you'll have to visit the link below to find out what it is!  Recipe: So there are many ways to make (and eat) yams but if you want to try your hand at the REAL thing we got you covered! And STAY TUNED as we will soon be dropping Sumthin' Sweet complete with all the fixings you need to get your yams just right!

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